Iphone Swollen Battery Disposal. When you discover a bulging battery, unplug the device immediately and turn it off as soon as you can. Swollen batteries should not be used and should be replaced and disposed of properly.

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Now it’s time to dispose of it. Don’t throw it away or put it in water, please—recycle it. Take precautions when handling a swollen battery.

So Recycle Your Device With Us.

Luckily, with some careful handling and disposal, you can get rid of swollen batteries safely and fairly easily. We’ve got an entire post telling you exactly how to do it, so please, please dispose of it safely. Let the charge run down, then investigate your repair options.

With An Iphone Or Ipad, A Swollen Battery Is Usually Obvious Because It Starts To Warp The Case And Can Even Crack The Screen—It All Depends On Where The Swelling Takes Place And What Part Of The Device Gives Way First.

To prevent possible further damage to the device enclosure or internal components leading to malfunction, discontinue the use of the laptop and discharge it by disconnecting the ac adapter and letting the battery drain. Keep the swollen battery in the container until you can take it to a recycling center. There is likely no need to panic if it is just a week or two until you can properly dispose of it.

Each Issue Has A Completely Different Root Cause, Especially When It Comes To Severity.

Putting batteries directly in the trash is dangerous for the environment. Don’t throw it away or put it in water, please—recycle it. Make a fireproof container out of a metal bucket or can with sand in it.

It Could Become Punctured, Causing Hazardous Gases To Escape.

You want to store it for as short a time as possible. Don’t throw it away or put it in water, please—recycle it. Don't leave it plugged in.

You Still Have To Dispose It At Some Point.

At the least, they can safely dispose of it for you. You can contact your manufacturer, use a local repair shop, or. Why is my iphone battery swelling?

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